Fire Damage: Cleaning the Marble Surface

Fire damages almost everything in a house and it includes the building material, furniture, carpet, curtains and cloth, precious belongings and even the marble shelves and fire places in the homes. Fire damage restoration experts can easily assess the salvageable and non-salvageable materials and items. The restoration and cleaning up of the marble items is our topic. Here we would discuss some do-it-yourself tips that can help in restoring the marble items after fire damage. All that is needed is sand paper and elbow grease and los angeles fire damage repair.

  • First of all two bristle brushes are needed to clean the grooves and some larger areas. The brushes must be soft and for larger areas the brush must be large in size and for smaller areas it must be small. Metal sand papers of sizes 80,120,180,240 400 grit and 0000 grade steel wool must be bought to have a finished smooth surface.
  • Now start cleaning the marble surface with help of brushes and sandpapers. Focus on the smoke stained areas.
    If the marble had matte or flat finish then use of sand paper is good. If it had shiny look before the fire damage then republishing of marble would become necessary after cleaning up the smoke damage.
  • Now after cleaning with brushes and sand paper make a mixture of bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and water (1:4). Remember does not use bleach for cleaning the marble surfaces in routine. This is because bleach is not a better cleanser for frequent use. Bleach usually etches the marble and in daily routine bleach is not a recommended cleaner.
  • Now spray the above mentioned mixture on the marble surface with the help of spray bottle and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Now gently clean the surface with brushes.
  • After cleaning marble with the bleach use another spray bottle containing plain water to rinse and wash the bleach.
  • Take a dry clean cloth piece to wipe off the plain water and dry the surface.
  • This procedure will give you desired results. If needed, this process can be repeated for better results.  Try the bleach mixture more than one times if the marble still shows some stains of smoke damage. In the end use the sand papers and steel wool.

If theses do-it-yourself techniques and tips are not enough to get the shiny marble surface then a fire damage restoration expert must be called like los angeles fire damage repair to have a fresh newer look of the smoke damaged marble.


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