Leaky Roofs and Water Damage

Leaky Roofs and Water Damage

Water damage is not good for the homes and buildings. A major source of water is the leaky roofs. Whenever there are heavy rains, your roofs might start leaking and further water damage can be caused.  There are some steps to be carried out as soon as the leaky roofs are revealed. These steps are explained below,

Interior damage

Interior damage must be controlled as soon as possible. Save your items from the water damage.  Displace your furniture and other precious belongings so that water leakage cannot damage them. The items that cannot be displaced must be covered with a plastic sheet.  The dripping water must be collected in a bowl.

Water Removal

Now you have to remove the water that has soaked the furniture and carpets. The carpets must be dried by pulling that carpet away from the padding. In this way the chances of water damage to the carpet are reduced hence the mold growth does not occur. The air circulation in the leakage affected room is very necessary to let the things dry and avoid mold growth.

Insurance Agent

If the damage is severe then you must call your insurance agent. He better knows about the amount of damage and how to recover this water damage with the help of los angeles damage restoration services.

Inspection of the Roof

Now inspection of the roof should be the next step. Check where the water is pooling and damaging the roof. The gutters and the down spouts must be free of debris so that water can move freely. The inspection of the roof materials is also very important. Water leaking roofs must be inspected carefully because the leakage might travel and the exact location from where the water is coming.

Cleaning the gutters and down sprouts

The clogged down sprouts must be cleaned and the blockages must also be removed from them. Use a long brush to push away the debris from the pipes. The debris is responsible for the blockage and pooling of the water that causes roof leakage.

Hidden Damage to the Roof

Sometimes the roofs are damaged by water but the damage is unseen or hidden. You may not notice it at very first sight but this is equally damaging as compared to seen one. There are some symptoms that can alert you to inspect for a hidden water leakage.

Checking for the Pests

Ants love waters and whenever you observe any sudden invasion of ants in the roof then you should be cautious about the water damage presence.


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