Signs of Mold Presence in Homes

Signs of Mold Presence in Homes

Mold growth can be dangerous for the inhabitants as well as the furniture and other items (except tiles and cement). Mold growth in homes can sometimes be hidden or visible; the hidden mold growth is more dangerous than the visible one. But there are some indicators through which the inhabitants can check whether there is any mold growth in the home or not.

Allergenic Symptoms

Mold is a fungus which is allergenic. People suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems easily affected by the mold growth and if there problem becomes severe then are chances that the mold is growing anywhere in the house. People having no allergies are also affected by allergenic molds. Common symptoms are sneezing, irritating ayes and nasal congestion or runny rose).

Unwanted Odor

An unwanted and pungent smell is another important indicator for a mold growth. If you are smelling an odor that is unwanted then there are chances that mold is hidden growing somewhere in your home. So immediately inspect the home and the things that are moist and where mold can easily grow.

Visible Mold Growth

Sometimes the inhabitants ignore even the visible growth of mold because they consider it only dirt. This is a dangerous situation. Whenever you see the small amount of mold you should not ignore it or otherwise the problem will become serious one. This is because even small amount of mold shows that your home is a better option for further growth and if a colony grows in future then it will become a bigger problem and serious damage. Sometimes the color of mold becomes the problem and inhabitants are not able to recognize the mold growth. Some molds are white and thread like while others are like clusters of black spots. Even it could appear in pink, orange, black or green. These unusual colors are main hurdle in recognition of the mold growth. So call Professionals as los angeles mold remediation.

Toxic Mold Growth

Most of the times mold is only allergenic but sometimes it can be toxic and hazardous for human health. Toxic mold can cause serious health problems like cancer, memory loss or severe headaches and neurological disorders. The most toxic mold is stachybotrys chartarum. They have byproducts like mycotoxins that can cause serious mental problems. If the symptoms are severe then you should immediately inspect your home so that you could stop the toxic mold growth and clean it up to avoid serious health problems. Toxic as well as allergenic mold, both are not good for health so prevention should be the first step and if mold growth occurs then its cure and clean up should be very first priority.


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